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Date Night - Rosewood Bermuda

Date Night - Rosewood Bermuda


Even without kids or a dog filling up our schedules Dave and I often forget to set aside time for date night. Our schedules are so hectic these days, months can often slip by without us realizing that we are long overdue a date night. 

Thankfully Dave suggested one this past week and it was so lovely! Originally we were supposed to be having dinner on the Waterlot dock but I had mentioned that I wanted to surprise him with drinks before dinner. As an avid gin lover I knew he would be very keen to try out the gin bar at Rosewood Bermuda - the Conservatory Bar. They have a large selection of options ranging from sour to sweet gin cocktails and also have an extensive wine and liquor list for those wishing to cleanse their palates with something other than gin. Their cocktails are almost as perfect as the design and decor of the bar. We both fell in love with it...I think I know where we will be popping by for our next cocktails! 

Check out their menu and information here - https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/bermuda/dining/conservatory 


Whilst enjoying our drinks Dave made the suggestion that we should just have dinner at one of Rosewood's restaurants. We don't live far from the hotel and the Waterlot would have called for a longer car ride home so we decided to save the dock date night for another time and enjoy dinner at Sul Verde. I have often gotten takeout from there but I have never eaten at the restaurant itself. With the beautiful weather we've been having lately it only felt right to eat outside. I love their Italian menu and they have some of the best pizzas on the island! Locals and visitors should both take the time to try these two places out! You will not be disappointed. 

Check out their menu and information here - https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/bermuda/dining/sul-verde

Choosing Our Wedding Location - ITALY!

Choosing Our Wedding Location - ITALY!